These grade crossing signals are on the Able Springs & North Texas Railroad in Terrell, TX.
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This first grade crossing signal was a "Acquired in the Field" full size unit. I was asked to make it work. It is controlled by a first generation flasher controller. This was the signal that lead to the discovery of a reliable track detect.
This scale flasher unit was built to protect the grade crossing in front of the shop. It operates with a slightly modified first generation flasher controller. The modification was to account for the use of LEDs in the flashers. See the unit in action.
Jack Haskins the owner of the AS&NT dug out this scale Wig Wag signal that he had traded for. Again take the gutted unit and make it work. This signal has the beginnings of a Second-Generation grade crossing controller that will accommodate signals for a Bell and a Gate. This unit has the functioning bell. See the unit in action.

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April 19 2002